Leak Detection Tips

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How to Catch Leaks Before the Water Bill Goes Up More

A leak does more than waste large amounts of water. It also wastes money and can cause significant water damage. Yet, many people don’t realize they have a leak until a lot of damage and costs have already occurred. Thankfully, there’s a solution to help prevent more damage: prompt detection. Here’s what homeowners should know to help catch leaks as soon as possible.  

The Signs of a Leak 

Many people diagnose a leak by seeing it for themselves, dripping water day in and day out. However, the signs of a leak aren’t always obvious, and it’s up to homeowners to remain vigilant. They should be on the lookout for: 

  • The sound of running water: If a homeowner hears running water without a faucet or water-using fixture on, this could mean there’s a leak. 
  • Low water pressure: If water escapes the plumbing system due to a leak, pressure can’t build up, leading to poor water pressure from faucets and showerheads. 
  • Mold and mildew growth: Mold and mildew grow in dark, moist environments, like those created by a leak. Mold and mildew along baseboards could point to a slab leak or water damage. 
  • Water damage on walls, floors, or ceilings: Damaged or wet flooring, peeling paint on the walls, and water stains on the ceiling are all water damage that can indicate a leak. 

High Water Bills Point to a Leak 

billEvery homeowner should have a basic idea of how much their water bill costs each month. If they notice any sudden increases in water costs (despite no notable change in their water consumption), this is likely due to a leak wasting water. 

Getting the leak fixed by a plumber as soon as possible is vital to prevent wasting money on water the household isn’t using. So homeowners should pay attention to their monthly water bill, taking note of any unexpected changes and contacting a plumber for leak repair.

Check Your Water Meter 

water meterThe home’s water meter measures how much water enters the house through the water main. It measures water consumption by the gallon or cubic foot, depending on the system. If a homeowner suspects that they have a leak, they can use the readings on their water meter to get more insight. Some water meters have a leak indicator that spins when there is a leak, but even without one, water meters are still a helpful tool to check for leaks. 

Here’s how a homeowner can use their water meter to find a leak:

  • First, they should turn off all fixtures and appliances that use water. 
  • Next, they should write down the reading on the water meter. Don’t worry about converting the readout into gallons or cubic feet; just write down the number. 
  • Now, it’s a waiting game. Homeowners should wait about an hour before rechecking the water meter. 
  • There's a leak if they notice an increase in the water meter readings. After all, if the home didn’t use water during that time, how would the reading change? 

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