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Does your water have a funny taste? Do you experience unpleasant odors or sulfur-like smells? The culprit could be impure water entering your household. This does happen with municipal water but is most common in well water. You may also have noticed rusty residue on your bathroom fixtures, or a metallic taste to your water, which is caused by an excess of iron in the water. A water filtration system will remove these and other impurities from your water.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Depending on your need and your budget, there are a number of different water filtration systems that can solve your water purification needs. A reverse osmosis system will remove undissolved solids (like salts and other minerals) from the water. Some benefits of this system include energy efficiency, high-quality water, effective process and relatively low cost and maintenance.

Ultraviolet Water Filtration

Ultraviolet water filtration harnesses UV rays present in the atmosphere and uses them to attack the microorganisms present in water that can make it impure. The end result is very pure water. Some of the benefits of this system include great tasting and odorless water. It’s also low maintenance and cost-effective.

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