Hydrojetting to Solve Common Sewer Line Issues

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Understanding What Hydrojetting Is

At one time, hydrojetting was an innovative plumbing advancement that few professionals used. Now, things have changed, and most companies have adopted this form of cleaning pipes that is far more advanced than the old-school ways of cleaning out sewer line clogs.

In simple terms, a hydro jet is a hose with a special nozzle that is put down the pipes from which high-pressure water is forced through the lines. This method can tackle some of the toughest blockages within the plumbing system and even prevent clogs from forming because, unlike a drain snake which just breaks up a clog, the water from hydrojetting breaks up a clog and cleans the pipe walls to prevent future buildup.   

Removing Invasive Tree Roots

tree rootsOne of the reasons homeowners are often advised not to plant trees near their plumbing system is that it can lead to issues down the road. As the roots of those trees look for water and nutrients, the underground plumbing is one of the easiest places they’ll find it. Not only can roots grow into small cracks and crevices within the plumbing system, but they can also cause them.

As the tree roots grow into the piping, they can stop the water flow altogether by causing a clog or rupturing the pipe. Hydrojetting is powerful enough that it can blast through these roots and get the water in the lines flowing freely again.

Unfortunately, when sewer line issues stem from invasive tree roots, there is often work that needs to be done after hydrojetting to repair the cracks and sections where they entered the pipe to help prevent the tree roots from infiltrating the plumbing again. 

Cutting Through Tough Grease

greaseAlthough cooking grease may go down a drain as a liquid, as it cools, it clings to pipes and forms a sticky coating throughout the plumbing system. Over time, that same stickiness can attract other debris, like cooking scraps, creating a massive blockage within pipes. 

Unfortunately, it can continue to worsen the more homeowners use their drains. Look for symptoms like foul odors or slow drainage to help diagnose a clog. Because hydro jets have a 360-degree nozzle, they can clean every inch of the pipe, remove the blockage in its entirety, and ensure no debris gets left behind. To prevent these clogs in the future, homeowners should never put grease or cooking oil down drains and instead wait for it to cool before throwing it in the garbage. 

Tackling Non-Flushable Items 

Although some homeowners act like just about everything can get flushed down a toilet, just because it flushes doesn’t mean it won’t wreak havoc in sewer lines and cause clogs. The only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper. Q-tips, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and tissues can all make their way into the toilet, but over time, these materials can form sewer line clogs. 

Hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways a plumber can fix backed-up sewer lines. It may seem like something a homeowner could do on their own, but without the proper knowledge and training, they could damage the plumbing or injure themselves. 

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