Don't Let the Water Heater Break Down This Winter!

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water heater warning signs

Warning Signs a Water Heater Needs Service

Temperatures dropping this winter could impact residential water heaters. Homeowners need to be on the lookout for frozen pipes, leaking water heater tanks, and worn-out hardware. In this blog post, professional plumbers share three warning signs of a broken water heater that homeowners need to be on the lookout for. 

Some water heater problems can be easy to fix by a qualified plumber if they are diagnosed and repaired fast enough. Problems tend to get worse when left in a state of disrepair. The best thing to do when homeowners notice a sign of a malfunctioning or broken water heater is to call a trusted local plumber immediately to diagnose the problem. 

Hot water heaters can be dangerous if left in a state of disrepair due to the high temperatures and many gallons of water contained inside. Homeowners should not ignore unusual sounds, leaks, and other warning signs of a broken water heater because it could be a safety hazard. It is good to have a local plumbing company a phone call away in case the water heater breaks down, especially during cold weather. 

Not Enough Hot Water

shower One of the first signs of a broken water heater that homeowners might notice is that there does not seem to be enough hot water. When the shower or bath runs out of hot water too quickly, or it takes forever for the water to heat up, this indicates a problem with the water heater. It could be that the water heater is too old, or there could be a broken part or another issue. 

Fluctuations in the water temperature are also a warning sign that something is wrong. The temperature of the water should stay consistent. When the water fluctuates from hot to cold for no reason, this could mean there is something wrong with the water heater. Water heater replacement can increase the hot water capacity of the home’s plumbing system for longer warm showers. 

Water Heater Leak

leaksA leak in the hot water tank usually means homeowners need to start looking into replacing their water heater. Leaking water heater tanks are often due to corrosion caused by corrosive mineral sediment in the tank left behind by the heating process. Neglecting annual maintenance and flushing the sediment out of the hot water tank will eventually lead to the walls of the tank corroding and leaking. 

Water heaters can also spring a leak around the base of the heater and other places on the system. A plumber can easily repair some leaks, but it is best to call for repair fast because a water heater tank leak can lead to the growth of mold and mildew as well as cause property damage to the home. 

Old or Worn Out Water Heater

Scheduling routine maintenance from a plumber can help to improve the lifespan of the hardware significantly. However, no water heater can last forever. After around 10 to 15 years, homeowners will usually notice that their water heater does not perform as well as it used to. Replacing an old water heater is an excellent opportunity to add value to the home for years to come and to save money on energy bills with better efficiency. Needing frequent repairs in a short period is also a warning sign that it’s time to replace an old water heater. 

Homeowners may consider switching from a traditional storage-tank water heater to a new tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient because they only heat the exact amount of water needed for each task. They also typically last longer than conventional water heaters. Homeowners should always hire professionals for water heater installation and repair. It requires extensive training, specialized tools, and expertise to do the job safely.

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