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How Do Roots Get In My Pipes?

Roots can get in through damaged pipes, making their way through cracks and/or holes in the piping. Roots often make their way into the pipe where the pipe goes into the fitting. The roots find the pipe underground because of the moisture when the pipes leave condensation. The roots grow along the pipe until they find the fitting, which is their way in. Eventually left untreated this can cause a complete back up of the system.

How Do I remove roots from my drain line?

Roots pulled from a JD Precision Plumbing customers home at a recent job.

It is always recommended to replace damaged drain lines for your home. Leaving damaged pipes under your home will only continue to cause problems over time, but if a replacement isn’t an option there are two ways to remove roots.

  1. A copper sulfate product- This is also known as root killer or root destroyer. We do not recommend this product to our customers because when a backup occurs again it can cause damage to the surfaces of the floor and walls and even the fixtures it is used on or near. If you decided to go this route please check out this site where they go over benefits and concerns.

  1. Hydro jetting- this is the solution we recommend only when replacing the pipes is not an option.


jetting clogWhat is hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a process that uses highly pressurized water jets that clear the interior of plumbing pipes. The hydro jetter is the most effective method of removing debris, clogs, and buildup.

For more information go to this page.


What To Expect When Your Pipes are Hydro Jetted?

First a camera inspection should always be done to ensure that the problem has been identified. This will be done through a cleanout. A cleanout provides access to your main drain line. It is typically found in the yard or on the side of the home.

Then, a hose designed for hydrojetting is put into the clean out followed by a blast of high-pressure water (about 1,000-4,000 psi) into your pipes. The force of the water scours your pipes clean, effectively removing debris clinging to the interior walls. All debris is forced down the line until they are flushed out of your system.

After the drain is thought to be cleared a second camera should be put down the line to ensure the problem has been resolved. In many cases after a hydro scrub of the pipes is the only time a plumber is truly able to see the actual problem.

If a plumber ever recommends a replacement without camera proof of issue please call someone else for a second opinion!


Roots growing in sewer line approx. 15 feet under home

Roots visible in sewer line under clients home

Is hydrojetting A Permanent Solve For Roots In The Pipes?

Roots will always continue to grow as long as the plant that gave life to it is alive. Which means they may grow back and cause problems again. But, even if you had the plant removed the pipes themselves are now forever cracked or left with the hole that the roots left. It may not cause you problems today or tomorrow but eventually you will need a plumber to replace the broken piping.

We recommend completing the fix by repairing any damaged pipes. Un damaged piping plumbed properly will save you from worrying when the problem will occur again. Peace of mind is always better than the unknown.

If you are certain that roots in the pipe is your problem, then hydrojetting is a highly effective temporary solution for you.