Hydro-Jetter Explained

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Hydro-Jetting Explained

Hydro jetting is a process that uses highly pressurized water jets that clear the interior of plumbing pipes. The hydro jetter is the most effective method of removing debris, clogs, and buildup caused by things like:

  • Roots
  • Debris
  • Grease
  • Or a belly in the line

To learn more about the things that can cause a blockage please visit this page What causes the main line to back up?

Most peoples go to solution to one of these issues is to try to use an auger or sewer machine to take care of the blockage, while there is always a time and place for this, large problems often require larger solutions.

If only an auger or plumbing snake is used there are 2 things that could hinder the job from being fully taken care of.

  1. The auger might only be able to penetrate slightly through the blockage and the surrounding problem will remain, leading to future calls to a plumber.
  2. There is a very good chance there will still be standing water in the sewer line after the plumber has completed the snaking process.

If water or debris is left in the drain line there is a good possibility a belly, or crack might be missed.

grease kitchen line

What a grease line looks like with just a hole poked through

The Best Answer to a major plumbing back up

If a hydro jetter is used the line will be 99% clean after the process, allowing the plumber to see perfectly clear inside the pipes. This will make seeing the problems much easier and finding best solution will be possible.

jetting clog

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