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Prepare for freeze

Freeze preparation Houston and surrounding areas need to remember: The 4 P's!

Freeze preparation doesn't have to be hard. Follow these quick tips to make sure your family is ready for the harsh cold.





Prepare People for the freeze

Check on your heat sources and be sure you and your family have a good source of heat, and if possible a back up source. Gather firewood, get batteries to manually turn on your propane fireplace if you lose power, find the blankets, pull out the winter gear, and start a big pot of grandmas chili.

Don't forget about your neighbors. If you leave near single parents or elderly check on them before the freeze comes and let them know you are there if they need you. One of our favorite things about our home state of Texas is people care about and take care of each other, now is a great time to show that kindness to those around you who may be new to the area.

Prepare Pets for the Freeze

If you have outdoor pets prepare a space for them indoors where they can be safe from the harsh temperatures.

Prepare Pipes for the Freeze

Protect pipes

Keep pipes from bursting

Disconnect any water hose that may be outside.

Be sure any exterior pipes are covered. In a pinch wrapping them with a towel or blanket is better than leaving them exposed. Consider outside pipes, attic pipes, and if you live in an elevated home pipes underneath as well.

Backflow preventer (connected to sprinkler system) be the sure valves from city to the sprinklers is closed, and the valve from backflow preventer to sprinkler system is open. Watch the video below to learn exactly how to do this and get other tips on freeze preparation.

Open any cabinets that are located on an exterior wall. This will allow the heat from the home to keep those pipes from freezing.

Let the water trickle. Turn the water on between the hot and cold just a bit. Do this at the fixture furthest from the water meter, If you live in a multi level home do it on each level.

It is hard to freeze running water in Houston.


Plant freeze prep

Protect your plants from freezing

Protect Plants for the Freeze

Bring any moveable plants indoors and cover any plants that are not made for the freezing temperatures. Thick plastic or a blanket will do the trick. If you are unsure which plants can make it or not check out this page here at The Garden Channel.

For other Frequently Asked Questions check out our FAQ page.