What Causes Low Water Pressure in the Plumbing?

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Common Reasons for Decreased Water Pressure

Water pressure is important. It’s how homeowners do common tasks like taking a shower, washing their clothes or dishes, and washing their hands. Without good water pressure, or if the water pressure is too low, these tasks can be hard to carry out, take a longer time, and cause the energy bills to rise.

Many homeowners are unaware of what causes water pressure issues, especially if they’re only experiencing low water pressure in the shower. These issues are relatively common and are easily fixed.

Leaky Plumbing System

leaksA leaky plumbing system is one of the most common reasons the water pressure may run low. When leaks occur throughout the plumbing infrastructure, the water will often escape from the leaks and divert from the fixture where it should be going. Not much water will reach the fixture when this happens, resulting in low water pressure.

This can be annoying, but a professional can easily find and repair the leaks. Without the help of a professional, homeowners may be unaware of where the leak is or how many leaks there are, so it’s best to contact a professional for help if a leak is suspected.

Buildup and Clogs Slow Water

Buildup and clogs are other common problems affecting water pressure. Some homeowners don’t realize that not everything can be flushed down the toilet or disposed of down the drain. Common household items like cooking oil and grease, female hygiene products, paper towels, and dental floss are only a few of the many things that some homeowners think are okay to dispose of down the toilet or sink but are not.

These products should never be disposed of down the toilet or drain. Doing so can cause significant buildup and clogs, leading to low water pressure and other problems. The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper, and cooking oil and grease should be disposed of in the trash once it cools, not poured down the drain.

Sometimes clogs can be handled without professional intervention. However, if the clog is too severe, a professional may need to be called in to use hydrojetting or a drain snake to eradicate the clog.

Fixtures Are Broken, or Valves Are Closed

valveHomeowners that notice only one or two fixtures are out of whack and are producing a low water pressure should check the fixtures to see if they are damaged or broken. If only one fixture like a faucet is experiencing low water pressure, it’s likely only that fixture that needs to be repaired or replaced due to significant damage.

Closed valves are an easy fix for homeowners to check on their own without professional help. If water pressure throughout the home is affected, homeowners should check the main shutoff and water meter valves. Low water pressure can occur if either valve is closed or partially closed. Before contacting a professional, homeowners should check these valves to ensure that the problem isn’t something that can be easily fixed with the turn of a valve.

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