Three Major Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

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Watch Out for These Common Plumbing Mishaps 

Practicing bad habits can put a plumbing system’s operations in jeopardy. This blog will discuss some do’s and don’ts of maintaining a functioning plumbing system. Benefits of proper maintenance include cheaper energy bills, longer appliance lifespans, fewer repairs, and more. 

Put Down That Over-the-Counter Drain Cleaner! 

clogsOn a good day, drain cleaners only serve as a temporary solution to a clog. On a bad day, these substances can: 

  • Cause pipes to corrode and rust faster than usual 
  • Add to the clog 
  • Endanger residents’ health 
  • Cause foul odors 
  • Cause water to back up 

Many plumbers tell homeowners to avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs. Despite what the product claims on the label, it can cause serious damage to the plumbing in the long run. If one encounters or suspects they have a clog, they should contact a professional plumber for drain cleaning instead, where they can use a drain snake or hydro jet to safely remove clogs. 

Don’t Forget to Maintain a Water Heater! 

maintenanceHomeowners should schedule a visit with professionals at least once a year about their water heaters. This way, they can address certain problems and avoid the headaches that come with preventable emergencies. A technician performing maintenance on a water heater typically performs several tasks. One important task is to inspect the hot water tank for any signs of corrosion or damage. If corrosion or damage is found, it can be a sign that the water heater has broken down and needs to be replaced. 

The technician can also check the water pressure in the tank to ensure that it is correct and not too low or too high. Low water pressure can lead to reduced efficiency and inadequate hot water. It is also essential to check the tank's anode rod, which helps minimize corrosion in the tank. If the rod is corroded, it needs to be replaced. Additionally, the technician will inspect the temperature pressure relief valve for any leaks or problems. Finally, the technician can also clean or flush out the sediment built up in the tank over time, reducing the water heater's efficiency. A technician can ensure that the water heater is running safely and efficiently by performing these maintenance tasks.

Always Consult a Plumber Instead of Doing DIY Repairs

It’s always best for a homeowner to hire a licensed and insured plumbing company. Certified plumbing services have the right tools, insight, and skillset to complete certain jobs without hassle. One can find a trustworthy plumber in their area by: 

  • Checking online reviews: Google and Angi are just two of many websites where customers can rate companies based on their past experiences with them. 
  • Consulting with friends and family: Word-of-mouth recommendations carry a heavy weight because they come from those close who are trusted instead of online reviewers. One could find a good plumber by talking with friends, family, or coworkers. 

There are many risks that come with do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs, from wasting time to causing severe plumbing or structural damage and being financially liable for fixing it. Whenever a homeowner is unsure how to proceed with a plumbing issue, they should consult a professional. 

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