How to Tell if a Home Is in Need of Repiping

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Signs That the Pipes Need to Be Replaced

While a home’s plumbing system is built to last for decades, it is not uncommon for them to need replacement before that time frame. Most homeowners will probably need to have their entire plumbing system repiped at least once in their lifetime. But with the network of pipes cleverly hidden within the home’s walls, ceilings, and under floors, how can homeowners determine when to undertake the project of repiping a house? Here are a few signs that can signal to homeowners that repiping services are needed.

Increasing Frequency of Leaks and Pipe Repairs

A leaking pipe may not be new to most homeowners, as this kind of problem is quite common in the home, but a sure sign that there is a severe plumbing problem is if these leaks appear frequently, requiring plenty of repairs. Most of the time, the frequency of leaks may be due to the age of the house and its plumbing system. 

Older pipes may not be made of sturdier material or have submitted to wear and tear over time. In other instances, pipe corrosion may be the culprit weakening the pipes and causing more frequent leaks. In any case, the increased regularity of pipe leaks may mean it’s time to embark on a home repiping project by calling on professional repiping services.

Low Water Pressure

showerIssues with water pressure are another way to tell that a home’s pipes may be becoming more trouble than they’re worth. Leaks and clogs in the water line are common causes of low water pressure. In some cases, this may only require repair. However, aging pipes can also cause water pressure problems, as corrosion can cause leaks, and the rust within the pipes can slowly build up a residue that is difficult to dislodge. 

All of this buildup tends to narrow down the diameter of the pipes and give water less room to flow through, resulting in poor water pressure. If the cause of the water pressure stems from damaged, corroded, or aging pipes, replacing the pipes becomes the most logical solution.

A Change in Water Quality

sinkAny discoloration or change in the water’s color or smell is another reason to consider repiping the plumbing system. This is also often the result of old, corroded pipes that shed rust into the water, causing the change in smell and color of the water that comes out of plumbing fixtures. 

Some other causes of discolored or smelly water could be contamination from leaks or pieces of pipe material breaking off and entering the water supply. When this occurs, it is best to call a trusted plumber to assess the health and condition of a home’s plumbing system to determine the extent of the damage and if a repiping project must be undertaken.

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