How Do I Know If There Is A Grease Clog In The Kitchen Line?

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How Do I Know If There Is A Grease Clog In The Kitchen Line?

It is almost impossible to know if it is a grease clog without getting a look in the pipes themselves. Without the proper tools it will be hard to determine if the clog in your kitchen sink is grease clog or food clog. Check out this link for more information of what causes kitchen clogs.

We recommend never putting grease type products down the drain, but it does end up happening sometimes and there are solutions!

Should I Use A Liquid Drain Cleaner?

There are many reasons we never recommend a liquid drain cleaner, it could potentially poorly effect your fixtures, your skin, lungs, and might not even work. Check out this page about safety risks associated with using these products.

Is There A Natural Option To Drain Cleaning?


Short term, yes!
Long term, no..

Combinations like those found here are great all natural solutions

Mixtures like salt and baking soda or vinegar and baking soda will work for simple problems, but if you have a grease build up that’s been growing for years a natural product like these will not be the forever solution for you. As long as there is grease in the pipe the accumulation of build up will continue to come back time again.

What Are The Long Term Kitchen Grease Clog Solutions?

Cabling the line will be able to break through the problem most times, but if it break through the build up it may leave the residue on the sides of the pipe. If you hire a plumber to cable the line for you they will be able to cable in a fashion that will get more of the grease of the sides of the pipes giving you a better chance of the problem leaving, but even still-as long as there is grease on the sides of the pipe there is a chance more grease will attach to that grease and cause the same problem for you over time.

What is The Best Solution To A Kitchen Sink Grease Clog?

jetting clog

Best option is to have it hydro-jetted! A jetting machine will use 4,000 psi to remove every single thing in your pipe! This will remove the problem completely. Click here to learn more!