Do I Need A Second Opinion?

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Do I Need a Second Opinion?

A second opinion can save you from the shady salesman in our industry.  Unfortunately seeing other companies scam customers is something we encounter all the time. JD Precision Plumbing is trying to change the stigma. Sewer line replacement is one of the most costly repairs you can have done to your home, you owe it to yourself to be sure the repair is necessary. We want people to feel confidence in the professionals they hire for their home, this is why integrity is one of our core values at JD Precision!

Who should I call for a second opinion?Who should I Call for plumber

Any company with a history of good reviews is a great option for a second opinion. Obviously we would love for JD Precision Plumbing to be the second opinion if you have already had someone at your home to look at the issue, but if not we prefer to be the first one! Click here for more information on sewer line services.




Why is a second opinion important for a sewer line replacement?Plumbing What to expect

A sewer line replacement can be extremely costly. When you find yourself with a clog in your home it is likely caused by a belly in the line,  roots, bad glue joints, burrs from a cut pipe, no fall in the line, or foreign objects in pipe- for more information on these causes click HERE

A true professional will cable a stoppage first. Then run a sewer camera down the line to be sure the cause has been removed. If the camera shows obvious damage to the pipe a replacement is advised. If there is visible buildup causing the blockage a jetting machine should then be used to clear all debris stuck to the inside of the pipe to ensure there is no additional issues. A second camera should then be put down the line to be sure the problem has been fully taken care of.


A second opinion is crucial if you encounter the following:

  • I didn't like the guy that came to my house
  • I felt the price was too high
  • The technician didn't seem knowledgeable
  • I had a personality clash with the salesman

Always go with your gut. If it doesn't feel right it might not be!

With a sewer line issue you should always ask for time stamped video and always ask to see camera footage live. This is important because someone without integrity could attempt to show you footage of a different persons drain lines. If you are watching live as they go down your pipes there is no denying the footage is real. 

Check out this video to hear about a second opinion that saved one of our customers over $10,000!