Plumbing Issues Versus Plumbing Emergencies: How To Tell The Difference

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Important Versus Urgent: How To Decide

Plumbing issues are inevitable when it comes to owning a home. These can be simple issues with easy fixes or more complicated matters with complex solutions. Regardless, plumbing problems are practically unavoidable. While these may sound daunting to new homeowners (or those who have not yet experienced any issues), some helpful strategies can manage issues as they arise.

One of the most important things to understand is that these issues will often vary in urgency. There will be times when help is required immediately, and other times when the problem can wait or can even be handled by homeowners themselves. Read on for a review of common plumbing issues and whether homeowners should classify them as important or urgent.

Urgent Issue: Broken Pipes

pipe Let’s start with an urgent plumbing issue: broken pipes. These can be a big-time problem for homeowners if not addressed right away. Broken pipes commonly result in the following:
  • Foul smells and loud noises – these can be very unpleasant for homeowners and potentially hazardous as well
  • Water damage and damp spots – these result due to leaks from the broken pipes, which can create prime opportunities for mold growth
  • Water quality issues and pressure fluctuations – these can result from microparticles in the pipes and abnormal water flow

As one might expect, these symptoms will be pretty obvious, so homeowners should be able to detect quickly if they have broken pipes. The related fixes require significant technical expertise, so homeowners should call for emergency plumbing services in the event of broken pipes.

Important Issue: Toilet Clogs

toilet Let’s move to a less urgent plumbing issue: toilet clogs. These ever-dreaded clogs are a pain, but they are not an emergency. So long as homeowners have plungers, they should be able to take care of most toilet clogs on their own, especially if they use a plunger shortly after the clog occurs. Homeowners can even use DIY methods to break up a clog (e.g., vinegar and baking soda).

It is important to note that there are some very unique scenarios when toilet clogs can become emergencies. For example, if an excessive clog ends up overflowing, this can lead to water damage that can become a problem if not immediately addressed. On the whole, however, this is very rare and highly unlikely. Homeowners should just be sure to unclog their toilets in a reasonable amount of time.

Urgent Issue: Sewage System Backups

Let’s lastly consider one of the most urgent plumbing issues: sewer backups. These are absolute emergencies and require immediate professional help, should they occur. Homeowners will likely be able to detect these quickly since they often result in water flow or water pressure issues and can lead to some very nasty odors.

Importantly, sewage system backups can be dangerous for homeowners and their families. First, blockages can cause the release of very harmful airborne contaminants, which can pose a risk for anyone in the vicinity of the backup. Additionally, backups can lead to groundwater contamination, which may impact water quality. The urgency with which homeowners move when they suspect sewage system backups is of utmost importance.

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