How Professionals Deal with Clogged Drains

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Professional Drain Clearing Tools 

Clogged drains are probably one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners deal with. Many solutions exist to help homeowners overcome clogged drains, some helpful and some harmful. But, in the end, many homeowners need professional help to deal with a stubborn clogged drain. 

Professional plumbers have tools at their disposal that help them unclog drains. Here is a short guide to the three most used tools for clogged drain repairs. Understanding these tools can demystify the drain clearing process and help homeowners know what to expect when they call for professional help. 

What are Drain Snakes?

snakeOne of the oldest tools in the plumber’s toolbox is a device called a drain snake. Drain snakes vary in size and composition, but the simplest version of these tools are manually-operated, handheld tools with a spooled cable and a small auger fed down into a drain. 

The cable is inserted into the drain and pushed through it until it comes into contact with the clog. The operator will rotate the mechanism to cause the auger to tangle itself into the clog so the plumber can break up the clog and remove it. These are helpful for clogs in smaller lines like sink drains and bathtubs. 

Larger drain snakes exist to work on larger drain lines. The biggest drain snakes are powerful augers fed into sewer lines. Large motors turn the spool and auger to break up tough clogs made of anything from toilet paper to intruding tree roots. These devices require special training and safety precautions, so amateurs should never use them because they could damage their plumbing if used wrong. 

How Does Hydrojetting Help?

Is there another choice for clearing clogs that can actually help prevent clogs down the road? Yes! A process called hydrojetting does just that. Hydrojetting can be used as a preventative measure to help prevent clogs from forming in the first place.

Hydrojetting uses powerful water pressure to break up clogs and clean pipe walls. As hydro jets are fed into sewer lines, jets of water shoot out in multiple directions from the nozzle to scrub the pipe walls to remove the toughest clogs made of anything from intruding tree roots to cooking grease and food waste. Routine hydrojetting stops grime from building up inside pipes and contributing to clogs. Hydro jets should only be operated by a trained professional. 

Video Inspection Equipment 

videoPinpoint accuracy is important in drain and sewer repairs, including clearing stubborn clogs. Nearly all drain and sewer pipes are behind walls and underground, making them inaccessible. This presents a problem when these pipes need repair or have a clog. 

Video inspection equipment allows technicians to identify the exact location and cause of a problem before they start repairs. Due to this, video inspection equipment allows for faster and more accurate repairs. Plumbers can also use this equipment to find other issues and damage hidden in the pipes.  

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