Give the Gift of Relaxation for Mother's Day!

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Simple Ways To Turn a Bathroom Into a Spa for Mom!

Relaxation is the gift that keeps on giving for this and countless more Mother’s Days. But how does one give the gift of relaxation? After all, it’s challenging to make hard-working moms relax without a good reason. Luckily, updating the bathroom can do the trick, turning it from the same-old into something new and exciting, a place mothers can relax and take a load off after a hard day. But not just any upgrade will do. So read on to discover how to upgrade a bathroom and help mom relax this Mother’s Day.

Spruce Up the Showerhead


The first way, and possibly the easiest, is to spruce up the showerhead. It’s not uncommon for people to go years and years without upgrading their showerheads, so there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to do it. The right showerhead can help any hard-working mom relax with multiple options. 

Different showerheads are better for different moms. Some may like a high-pressure showerhead. Another may like one with multiple options, low and high-pressure. Some prefer handheld showerheads, while others may prefer the natural feeling of a rain showerhead. There are dual and filtered showerheads to choose from, as well. 

 Make a Few Effective Aesthetic Changes

Some minor changes can go a long way to turning the bathroom into a spa for mom. Maybe she has been wanting that modern sink that looks like a big metal bowl. Or perhaps it’s time to replace the old faucet with a new one that doesn’t leak. The rustic look is becoming popular, with the whole bathroom looking like a mid-century farmhouse. Upgrading the tiling and the countertops can also serve to make a majestic and artful bathroom.

The best feature to upgrade for mom may be the tub. Modern bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, and styles. Upgrading the tub and the tiling around it can be the ticket to a spa-like bathroom that mom just doesn’t want to leave. A few candles and some mood music can turn it from an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing space, just her own. But there’s still one thing missing: mood lighting. 

Install Smart Mood Lighting

lightsBathroom ceiling lights have also come a long way. Smart lighting in the bathroom can be adjusted for morning and night. Many people prefer a bright, sun-lit ambiance in the morning, but in the evening, when it’s time to relax, the smart lighting can be dulled for a relaxing mood. Ceiling spotlights strategically placed can work wonders. They can be dimmable and placed over the tub to make the bathroom more than just a room. 

Accent lighting is a popular choice for around the bathroom. These lights are available in many different styles, some with shifting colors to promote relaxation. Some of them don’t have to be installed and can simply be placed around the room. When all these improvements come together, it can make for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. 

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