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Celebrate Earth Day with Green Plumbing Upgrades 

Spring is here, which means Earth Day is right around the corner. For over 50 years, nations around the world have observed Earth Day as an opportunity to reflect and take action regarding the impact of human activities on the environment. Every year on Earth Day, advice comes from every possible source about how to make changes that can have a positive impact, but a lot of that information is outdated or not as helpful as it is made to sound. 

Unfortunately, one of the often overlooked things is plumbing. Plumbing is present in every structure and home in the country and has the potential to make a truly positive impact on the environment. Here is some advice from local plumbers to help homeowners make green changes to their plumbing. 

Take Opportunities to Save Water

toilet Environmentalists have focused so much on water conservation in the last 50 years. Freshwater is a limited resource that needs to be protected for human health and biodiversity. Water treatment is an energy-intensive process, so saving water means protecting the environment and limiting carbon emissions. Try these ways to save water: 
  • Eco-Friendly Toilets: Low flow toilets can save the average family around 13,000 gallons of water per year simply by using less water to flush liquid waste. 
  • Smart Washers: Smart washers use 20% less water than a conventional washing machine and use less power. 
  • Fast Leak Repair: Over one trillion gallons of water are wasted per year on leaks alone in the US. A leak of one drop per second will waste 2,000 gallons of water in a year. Get leaks repaired quickly. 
  • Water-Saving Habits: Habits can also go a long way toward saving water. Always shut off the water when brushing teeth. Keep wastebaskets handy around toilets to keep non-biodegradable items out of aquatic habitats. 

Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency 

water heater

Saving water protects water resources and lowers carbon emissions, but there are other beneficial energy-efficient plumbing appliances to look into also. The water heater is a great place to start. Whether water heaters are gas or electric, homeowners should always pay a little extra for energy-efficient water heaters. 

The added cost is not only an investment in the environment, but it will also save money over the unit's lifespan. When possible, homeowners can even upgrade to tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are the most efficient and allow for more hot water than a conventional unit. 

Plumbing with Eco-Friendly Materials 

Construction is the source of a large amount of carbon emissions worldwide. Lowering the carbon footprint of construction is the goal of many organizations in the industry. One small contribution homeowners can provide is choosing eco-friendly construction materials, especially for piping. 

PEX pipe is the material of choice for green plumbing. PEX is leak-resistant and has a lower carbon footprint than other materials. For added value, make sure that plumbers insulate vulnerable piping, which will prevent freezing and add efficiency by preventing the loss of heat from hot water piping. 

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