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Three Ways to Create the Home Spa Mom Has Always Wanted

With Mother’s Day this month, now is the time to figure out the perfect gift for the woman who gives her family everything. And what better gift than turning her primary bathroom into a beautiful spa escape? It will last much longer than the traditional gift of candles and flowers. 

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank. With a few upgrades, a room lived in for 20 years can feel as though it was freshly built.

Easy Shower Upgrades

showersMost homes have a shower in their primary bathroom, and many are either white plastic or cream acrylic. Walking into an older shower makes most people feel like they can’t wait to get out, but a few simple changes can completely reinvent the showering experience. 

Switching an old showerhead with a more advanced one, such as a rain shower, can add to the feeling of being in a tranquil spa. Removing the old glass shower door and installing a frameless one can transform the look of a bathroom. Adding waterproof built-in speakers or getting a showerhead with them included is another superb addition for creating that desired relaxing mood. 

Switching Up the Bathtub


Many older homes do not have bathtubs in their bathrooms, and if they do, the bathtub is attached to the shower as an all-in-one bathing experience. Separate bathtubs are a point of desire for many people, but especially for busy moms who want to relax. Replacing a run-down bathtub is a fairly simple task that only takes a day. The issue then becomes, which bathtub is the right fit for the space?

Alcove bathtubs are the most common of all bathtubs on the market. They can be seen as a tub that fits into an area with three walls surrounding it. The alcove has three unfinished edges and one lip that flows over the front edge to give the bathtub a finished feel without tile or ceramic decoration. These are the cheapest of the three top tubs on the market and usually require very little professional installation help as the plumbing should match the previous tub.

The drop-in tub is a slight upgrade from the alcove as this tub sits slightly away from the bathroom walls but is still considered attached. This tub style allows the area around it to be accented with marble slabs, tile, or ceramic decorations. These tubs may require a little plumbing movement but are hardly a hassle. 

Upgrade the Aesthetics

Transforming the bathroom into a relaxing spa oasis doesn’t have to stop at the shower and bath. Old faucets, drawer handles, towel racks, and light fixtures can all be replaced with more contemporary ones that go with the new aesthetic. 

These simple changes can make a big difference in a room's feel. Whether big or small, bathroom upgrades will create a gift for Mother’s Day that mom will be able to enjoy for years.

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